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Our team

Management team:

Xiang Hu


Dr. Hu has been devoted to promote the development of Chinese cell therapy clinical application and cell industry quality standard system construction.

He obtained his doctorate in Biochemistry and molecular biology at Gothenburg University in Sweden and Chalmers University of Technology. From July 1998 to July 2000, he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Biochemistry and molecular biology, University of British Columbia, Canada.

In 2005, he founded Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology Co.,Ltd., a biotechnology company, and served as its founding Chairman and as a board member until now.Prior to this, He has served as Laboratory Director at Picoo Biotek Inc., vice president & director of R & D at Medika Medical Management Inc..

Peter Sun

President & Chief Executive Officer

Peter Sun is our President and Chief Executive Officer and joined ___ in November 2015,responsible for the overall operation and business promotion. He was graduated from Department of pharmacology and therapeutics, Columbia University,British in 1992.He has been working for Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology Co. Ltd. since 2013, responsible for the introduction of technology and global cooperation etc.. Prior to this ,he acted as general manager of Chinese emerging group in North China Pharmaceutical Co., responsible for the overall management of enterprise merger and acquisition; co-founder, director, President and CEO in Boxin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., responsible for the overall management,development management and financial affairs; general manager of Chinese District in NeoStem, Inc., responsible for corporate mergers and acquisitions and strategic cooperation. He served as manager and regional director for GSK(USA) from 1992 to 1996. 

Bin Gao

Vice president & Chief Scientific Officer

Professor Gao, chief scientific Officer, has been working in the forefront of the basic medical science, such as antigen processing, immunology, immunotherapy, etc. for more than 20 years.Dr. Gao worked in immunology research in Oxford University to do postdoctoral research, Whose teacher is  Alain Townsend, the founder of antigen processing theory. Since then, Professor Gao continues to study the antigen processing and its application in the immune therapy and these research work has been carried on, and brought to china. After returning he continue to carry out the theory study and medical application of antigen processing, and developed a series of related immunotherapy products,as deputy director and director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of Institute of Microbiology of immune immune center.