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Timmune is incorporated in Tianjin, a city near Beijing, and known for technology innovations. Timmune is focused on developing innovative technologies in T cell redirected immune-oncology. Timmune'core value is its technology platforms producing first-in-class therapeutics to target at intracellular cancer antigens, to redirect T cells, and to improve in-tumor micro-environment.  Our products are both protein and cell based.  

Timmune is led by a team with domestic and international experience and expertise in science & discovery, R&D, clinical development, regulatory affairs, business development & partnering, marketing & sales, and financing.   

Beike Biotech, a cell therapy leader in China, is Timmune's co-founder and strategic partner in cell therapy development.  Jiangsu Province Hospital, one of the major medical centers in Eastern China, is Timmune's partner in operating Timmune-JSPH Center for Clinical Translational Studies.

Timmune has state-of-the-art laboratory (900 m2) and animal experimental facilities (500 m2) located in Tianjin, and Timmune-JSPH Center for Clinical Translational Studies (2,000 m2) in Nanjing.