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MAR Technology

Over 80% cancer antigens are intracellular and cannot be reached by conventional antibodies. Those intracellular antigens are presented in MHC antigen complexes - potential targets for T Cell Receptors (TCR). 


MAR (MHC Antigen Receptor) is a class of fully human single domain  antibodies that bind to MHC antigen complex, same binding mechanism as TCR.  MAR is also called "TCR-like antibody". By binding to MHC antigen complexes, MAR can be used to target at intra-cellular targets, having great potential for cancer immunotherapies.



MAR's advantage over conventional antibodies

More targets: MAR binds to intracellular antigens as presented in the MHC antigen complexes, while conventional antibodies only bind to cell surface antigens.  More than 80% cancer antigens are intracellular.

MAR's advantage over TCR

Better native binding specificity and affinity;

Easier to generate and produce.